Atria has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in sustainability in the food industry. Because of climate change, the most important goal today is a carbon-neutral food chain. Atria promotes these goals through concrete measures and increasingly close cooperation with its chain partners.


Atria's sustainability programme for 2022-2025 was extended to cover the entire Atria value chain: from supply chain to products and services and from field to fork. The key objective is to reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions of the entire value chain.


"Going forward, we will develop sustainability in ever-closer cooperation with our supply chain partners, including producers and other material suppliers. We will work with our customers to develop products and services. We want to enable consumers and customers to make sustainable choices and promote the well-being of the environment and people," says Merja Leino, Atria's Director of Sustainability.


"We are committed to the international Science Based Targets (SBTi) climate initiative. This initiative will help us to tie our sustainability work to the Paris Climate Agreement target of limiting the global average temperature increase to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius. With this commitment, the entire Atria chain will be better integrated into climate work, and we will have a scientific international framework for our work," continues Leino.


Concrete actions are crucial


Sustainability is an integral part of Atria's strategy, business and daily work. In this way, sustainability is translated into concrete actions for a good tomorrow.


In recent years, Atria has been determined to reduce the climate impact of its operations by increasing renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency. For example, the expansion of Finland's largest solar power park is currently underway at the Nurmo plant.


Animal welfare and the calculation of the carbon footprint of products have been promoted together with the chain's producers. Concrete results include the world's first carbon footprint labelling on chicken and pork packaging and antibiotic-free products that have been on the market for ten years.