Pure meat from Atria

Are you looking for the perfect piece of beef to your restaurant's menu or healthy and tasty chicken to the salads?  Or are you serving high-quality pork cold cuts to delight your breakfast customers? 


Finnish Atria offers excellent pure meat and much more to Food Service, retail and industrial customers in Central Europe.


Atria offers you pure meat


  Retail Food service & wholesalers Industry
Meat and poultry primal cuts x x x
Consumer packead meat and poultry products x x x
Sausages, whole meat products and cold cuts x x  
Fres, frozen and ready cooked products x x x
Ready meals and salads x x  
Atria's own and private label products x x  


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Atria has almost 120 years of experience in meat and convenience food. Today we are one of the leading food companies in Nordic countries. Our Finnish Food Service customers have ranked us as the best partner in terms of customer service, assortment and order-supply chain. We don't just sell, but also offer knowledge and solutions to our customer's needs.


Advantages of Atria's pure meat


  • Always 100 % salmonella and hormone free
  • Available also as antibiotic-free grown
    • All in all, the use of antibiotics in Finnish animal husbandry is very low
  • Full farm traceability, we can even print the name of the farm on the packaging
  • Grass fed beef, oat fed chicken and grain fed pork
  • No soy in beef feeding and significantly less soy in chicken and pig feeding than in other countries
  • One of the strictest animal welfare legislations in the world and high ethics in the whole chain
  • State-of-the-art technology in production
  • Excellence in product development
  • Awarded packaging solutions


We have efficient and precise logistic service to Central Europe. Deliveries can be made in any form from a single pallet to full truck load, fresh or frozen.