Atria's food journey begins when a small group of farmers set up the first Finnish cooperative meat company in 1903. Initially it focuses on selling and brokering livestock, but within a few years the cooperative also starts trading and processing meat. The first meat products sold are delicious sausages, which are well received by the consumers.


From those strong agricultural roots, Atria has grown over 120 years into a successful Finnish and Northern European food company. We make good food in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.


Our products and brands are well known and desired. In Finland, the Atria brand is one of the best-known Finnish food brands. Lithells, founded in Sweden in 1907, is the oldest Swedish brand. Lönneberga and Sibylla brands have also seen several generations and today Sibylla is Atria's most international brand. In Denmark our well-known brands are 3-Stjernet and Aalbaeck Specialiteter, and in Estonia Maks & Moorits.


In total, there are already around 4 400 Atria people in four different countries. We are united by our passion for good food at every meal - we are involved in people's everyday lives and celebrations, in the moments of our lives. This is what we want to continue to do in the future. That's why we act with respect for the planet, product and people.

Since 1903