Ever wonder why Atria’s products taste so good? The answer is quite simple: we’ve made excellent meat quality and its unique taste our priority. And this is how we do it:

Meat that comes from respected Finnish family farms

You can get a wide variety of chicken, beef, and pork products from Atria. Be it pork loin, roast beef or chicken breast, our meat tastes like great meat, and nothing else. To achieve this, we combine good feed and species-appropriate animal husbandry at Finnish family farms. Animals get to drink the same, clean water as humans, as Finland has a plentiful supply of fresh ground water.

Pigs with tails - a Nordic speciality

Pleasant living conditions are the cornerstones of pig welfare. Stressed pigs bite the tails of other pigs and to prevent this, tails are docked in many countries. In Finland we don’t have to do that.

Unique feeding solutions from own feedmills

All domestic animals need a balanced diet that includes energy, proteins, fiber, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. At all Atria farms feeding is based upon home-grown feed (grain, grass, peas and beans).

Finnish grass fed beef

  • Every Finnish bovine can be tracked throughout their life. Feeding is centered upon Finnish grass, which is a natural diet for bovine.

Together with the farmers

Atria was originally estbalished by a group of farmers. Since 1903, we have had close cooperation with farmers, from everyday life to research and financing.

The most sustainable way to raise meat

Finnish winter is long, cold and dark – on the other hand, the summer is short, intensive and the sun shines around the clock. Arctic conditions enhance the natural flavor of food.

Healthy chicken with 30 years experience

Haapoja farm is located in Kurikka, 40 kilometres from Atria. Jussi Haapoja’s parents were the ones who made the decision to transfer to poultry in 1991. 

From the Family Farm - Naturally

Pekka and Elina Puputti's farm in Lapua, Western Finland, consists of a 150 head heard of Simmental beef cattle. Each calf, cow and bull has been given a name, as the children of the family, Tuulia and Juho, like to give names.

The ABC of well-being in Björkback Family Farm

The birch trees that have given Björkback farm its name sway in the wind next to a red farmhouse and production buildings. The fields spreading around the farm provide the food for the farm's pigs.