Atria's sustainable meat

Sustainable Finnish Meat from Atria


Atria's beef, pork and poultry are always Finnish meat. We are proud to offer the purest meat on the planet to our customers around the world.


Six reasons to buy Finnish sustainable meat


  1. 1. Finland, like all the Nordic countries, have very positive brand image and people around the world are interested in the Nordics and Nordic lifestyle.
  2. 2. Everyone knows Irish beef and Danish pork - offering Finnish sustainable meat to your customers is a possibility to differentiate from your competitors
  3. 3. Finnish meat is always 100 % salmonella free
  4. 4. In Finland, we have extremely high ethical standards and animal welfare legislation
  5. 5. Also animals benefit from the pure Finnish nature: feed and water and clean and of high-quality
  6. 6. Arctic conditions enhance the natural flavour of food


Ten reasons to buy Atria meat


  1. 1. Always 100 % Finnish meat
  2. 2. Wide selection of beef, pork and chicken products
  3. 3. Antibiotic free grown chicken and pork
  4. 4. Oat fed chicken - and you can taste the difference
  5. 5. Pigs have almost soya free feeding and by the end of 2020 we can offer totally soya free pork
  6. 6. All pigs have their tails and more space per animal than in many other EU countries
  7. 7. Grass Fed beef from our Family Farms has been nominated as the world's best steak several times.
  8. 8. Modern technology
  9. 9. Trustworthy and honest business partner
  10. 10. Expert in commercialisation, for example award winning packages


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