Pleasant living conditions are the cornerstones of pig welfare. In Finland:


  • Pigs have more space than in many other countries
  • Pigs have high quality feed and free access to fresh water
  • Free farrowing and lactation is highly subsidized 
  • Full slatted floors are forbidden
  • Castration is always done with pain relief


In these conditions pigs don’t suffer from stress. Stressed pigs bite thetails of other pigs and to prevent this, tails are docked in many countries. In Finland we don’t have to do that.


Acceptable living conditions also minimise the need for medication.
As a result, we can offer you 100 % antibiotic free Atria pork.

Vienti_QUALITY ASSURANCE_TM20210302 (3).png

The Quality Assurance label on the packaging indicates that the pork has been produced responsibly. The meat then comes from farms that are part of a certified, national quality system for animal health and product safety. In many details, the criteria for the Quality Assurance label are stricter than the prevailing legislation. All Atria Family Farms fulfill the Quality Assurance criteria.


The Quality Assurance is based on the pig health care and monitoring system Sikava, maintained by the Finnish Animal Health Association (ETT), which allows information to pass between the farm, industry and veterinarians. Through Sikava, the implementation of the health care program is monitored, the health classification of the premises is made and current issues are communicated.