Atria has set a new goal for antibiotic-free grown pig production: all Atria pig farms will be in a high-quality antibiotic-free production mode within three years.


Farms of all sizes in the Atria pig chain can now join the antibiotic-free production chain. This expansion is made possible by long-term development work on production management.


"With this reform, we aim to better meet the needs of our customers, both in Finland and in the export markets. In the future, we also want to communicate better the responsibility of the entire value chain to the outside world, and we will start working on this together with farmers. Only by meeting the expectations of the stakeholders can our meat chain succeed," says Jaakko Kohtala, Director of the Atria Pork chain.


In 2018, Atria started to build a chain of production of verified antibiotic-free grown pork in cooperation with farmers. Since then, around 30% of Atria's pig farms have been involved in the antibiotic-free grown production chain. Antibiotic-free grown has played an important role as a value-added factor both in domestic and export markets.


"This is a great result of high-quality cooperation. Now it is time to start developing this unique story further with a wider range of farms, but also to thank those farms with whom this work has been done and developed together," concludes Kohtala.


Work to expand antibiotic-free production is only just beginning, but the ambitions are high. The aim is to have all Atria pig farms in verifiable antibiotic-free production by the end of 2025.