The main goal of Atria's sustainability work is to curb climate change and promote its goal of carbon-neutral food production. Atria is committed to the international Science Based Targets Climate Initiative (STBi), which links Atria's responsible work to the goal of limiting global average temperature rise to less than 1.5 degrees under the Paris Climate Agreement.

- Atria is a pioneer in sustainability in Northern European food production and our commitment to the SBT initiative gives us a scientific international reference framework for our goals. Now we can see how Atria's concrete sustainability actions contribute to mitigating climate change, says Merja Leino, Atria's Executive Vice President of Sustainability.

- With this commitment, the entire Atria production chain will be more closely involved in climate work. In our own industrial production, we have made several significant investments in the production and use of renewable, completely emission-free energy, such as Finland's largest solar power park in connection with Atria's Nurmo plant, says Merja Leino.


Planet, product and people


Atria develops its responsibility through three focus areas: Planet, Product and People. Atria is helping to meet the great challenges of our time, and is working to curb climate change and improve energy efficiency. Atria invests in renewable energy solutions and pays attention to human rights issues. Animal welfare is taken care of throughout Atria's food chain.. The journey of products from the field to the table is completely open and transparent.

Nearly 1,800 companies are involved in the Science Based Targets initiative
SBTi is a global initiative that links companies’ CO2 emissions targets directly to the Paris Agreement to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius. It helps companies set greenhouse gas reduction targets based on the latest climate science and the goals of the Paris Agreement. The SBT initiative is already committed to 1,780 companies worldwide, 137 of which are food companies. A total of 34 companies from Finland are involved in the initiative, of which 6 are food companies.