Finland shares its secret to antibiotic-free meat


Untouched forests, pristine water and a way of life that works in harmony with nature. Finland is known for its wholesomeness—our products are some of the purest in the world. To celebrate the Day of Finnish Food on the 4th of September, our people at Atria have shared the secret to Finnish meat—the highest quality meat on earth.


Our top three tips:


1. Value simplicity


At Atria Family Farms, we don’t use hormones and will only use antibiotics when they’re needed to treat sick animals – because we think antibiotic-free meat is better. Our pigs keep their tails, our chickens have healthy legs, and our animal welfare is excellent. In fact, Finnish animal health is among the world’s best. Learn more about meat safety.


2. Cultivate responsibly


We believe in cultivating the land and raising animals in close cooperation with arctic nature. Our Finnish meat is the result of high-quality groundwater, extremely clean soil and excellent air quality - making our products the purest. Discover the most sustainable way to raise meat.


3. Get hands-on


We safeguard the traceability of our meats. The Atria brand guarantees that our pork, beef, chicken and turkey all come from Finnish farms. We know who has cared for the animals at our Finnish meat farms, and how they have been fed. Traceability helps us produce excellent antibiotic-free meat.

The results? Award-winning ingredients that are prized by chefs all over the world. Finnish Ayrshire beef has been awarded the title of World’s Best Steak in 2018 and 2019, and our products continue to be celebrated today – especially by Germany!