Atria Beef Trimming 80/20 frozen c25kg

Product number: 4625
Premium meat from Finland
Grown without antibiotics
Frozen beef trimming fat content 20% (cl).

Nutritional content

per 10 g
Energy 1029 Energy (kJ)
Energy 248 Energy (kcal)
Fat 20 g
which saturated 11 g
Protein 17 g
Salt 0.14 g


Trimming includes beef rib muscles, shankmeat, the front end of the small ribs and trimmings of roasts and loins. Lymph glands, bones, tendons, and bruises has to remove. Raw material of fatnumbers 1/2 top ribs are as such after sorting, Fatnumbers 3/4/5 extra fat is removed. Trimming is coarse grinded before fat% measurement. Fat content of trimming is cl 20% +/-2% units. Trimming is packed to carton with blue innerbag and after that freezing. Trimming is variable weight.

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