Atria Pork Belly bnlss rindless with softbone frozen c17kg

Product number: 2576
Premium meat from Finland
Grown without antibiotics
Pork belly, rind off, with soft bone, frozen. Individually vacuum packed.

Nutritional content

per 10 g
Energy 1536 Energy (kJ)
Energy 372 Energy (kcal)
Fat 35 g
which saturated 13 g
Protein 14 g
Salt 0.15 g


Big fat belly, skinned. The ribs are removed one by one soft cartilage is left to belly, cartilage pieces of the ribs has to remove. Loin side as well as front side light edging color ligtly display. Weight limit +4,5 kg, lenght 43 cm, widht 26 cm. Vacuum packed to the box 4 pieces with intermediate cardboards between bellies. The ribs with bruises must remove.

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