Atria Pork Loin boneless w/o chain size L frozen c18kg

Product number: 2578
Premium meat from Finland
Grown without antibiotics
Pork loin, boneless, chain off. Size L. Frozen. Individually film wrapped.

Nutritional content

per 10 g
Energy 532 Energy (kJ)
Energy 126 Energy (kcal)
Fat 4.1 g
which saturated 1.39 g
Protein 22 g
Salt 0.16 g


Castrated male and female Hog, no pse, no chain meat, no ham patch (oyster meat), defat (silver skin completely on, 3mm cover max). Both shoulder/ham end cut rectangular towards back line (no rough edge). No bone or cartilage attached (need to check). L-size : 25,1 - 29 cm circumference scale at center of finish product. Packingļ¼š IWP, S-size : 6pc/box,

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