Pork Belly boneless rind on frozen

Product number: 8729
Premium meat from Finland
Grown without antibiotics
Pork belly boneless, rind on, frozen. Individually film wrapped.

Nutritional content

per 10 g
Energy 1261 Energy (kJ)
Energy 305 Energy (kcal)
Fat 27 g
which saturated 10 g
Protein 15 g
Salt 0.15 g


Meaty belly with skin. Bones has taken away as a plate. Also soft bone has to remove. From loin side very light trimming. Straight cut from belly side. Weight limit + 2,7 kg, lenght 48 - 54 cm, widht 22 - 24 cm. Wrapped layer individually. Packed to carton 5 pcs/carton and then freezing. Product is a variable weight.

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