EDEKA offers finnish meat delights

Finnish meat delights available in Germany through EDEKA

Finnish meat tastes pure – like nature, thousands of lakes, nightless nights, and frosty mornings. Or to be a little less poetic: it tastes like premium quality meat!


EDEKA stores, the first in Germany to welcome Atria meats


Atria has been one of Finland's leading food and meat suppliers for 120 years. Since 2020, our products have been available to German consumers as well. The product range at EDEKA stores in northern Germany extends from pork collar and beef rump to garlic-parsley and arugula-orange seasoned chicken breast fillets.


Atria's first distribution partners in Germany are the EDEKA Görge Markt stores in Braunschweig.


"When we got to learn of Atria, we were immediately enthusiastic about the products and the Finnish brand," says Nils Fischer, master butcher at the twelve Görge Markt stores, responsible for meat procurement at EDEKA.


"The products are excellent in taste and convincing in quality. Thus, they meet our high standards as well as those of our customers," continues Fischer.


"We are very pleased that we have found such a great partner in EDEKA Görge Markt, with whom we can offer our meat to our customers in Germany for the first time. Together, we can spread the word about pure and tasty Finnish meat in Germany," says Niina Nuottivaara, Atria's sales manager for German distribution.


In addition to the Braunschweig EDEKA, the EDEKA Hayunga stores in Elmshorn and Norderstedt also list Atria's products.


High-quality food is the foundation for a fulfilling life – for humans and animals alike


"The Chicken breast fillet is my favorite among the Atria products. The animals at Atria grow up without hormone additions or antibiotics and you can taste that. But the marinades are also particularly creative, and an arugula-orange marinade is different from the classic marinades we Germans are used to," explains Erich Arndt, master butcher responsible for meat procurement at EDEKA Hayunga in Elmshorn and Norderstedt.


Atria's poultry products are indeed free of antibiotics and added hormones, and much of the pork production follows the same principles. The animals are fed Finnish grains, peas, and broad beans. This way, the use of soy is minimal compared to traditional European production. The beef cattle are fed grass from the clean fields and pastures of Finland.


In Atria’s mission, high-quality food is the foundation for a satisfying and fulfilling life – this also applies to animals.


Retail partners can choose from Atria’s wide range of quality meats and finnish meat products


Atria offers grocery stores all common cuts of pork and beef for the service counter. Customers can choose from pork loin, tenderloin, and collar, as well as beef tenderloin, hanger steak, roast beef, and beef topside. A wide variety of self-service products are also available: pork minute and collar steaks, beef rump and roast beef and various seasoned chicken breast fillets, as well as whole chickens.


"We can offer our future retail partners a wide range of products to choose from based on consumer preferences. We are supported by the Food from Finland program, which helps Finnish food companies enter the market in other countries," says Nuottivaara.