The latest NPS scores show that customers are very happy collaborating with Atria.


Atria’s latest strategy lists customer satisfaction as the most important factor to success. One of the methods of following this strategic factor is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS uses a single survey question to measure customer experience: “How likely are you to recommend Atria to a friend or colleague?” This simple metric is widely used in market research and the score is easy to compare to others.


Atria exports scores high in the latest NPS


NPS tracking is done continuously throughout the year at Atria, and reported every quarter. The latest results for Q4/2022 were something to celebrate.


“A score that is higher than 60 is considered excellent. Which makes the past quarter’s Atria export NPS score of 77 really amazing,” says Teemu Pitkänen, Vice President Sales Development at Atria.

Continuous measurement with automatic surveys has been seen as the best possible way to keep track of customer satisfaction, but there is always a more human touch in the process as well. The survey results don’t just get reported and then forgotten.


“Our sales people keep a really close eye on the results and if there’s even a slightest dip, they will react and ensure that the customer gets to elaborate on the issue. What we have is a partnership with the customers and that is managed human to human,” Pitkänen explains.


Customer satisfaction is built on trust and commitment


Everyone at Atria is invested in building the expertise and making the best possible products.


“It’s a matter of honour to us that the customers can trust our products and our ability to deliver what they want, when they need it”, Pitkänen says with a hint of pride in his voice, and continues:


“The reason why we survey customer satisfaction is that it helps Atria serve our customers better. And that’s what we are here for. The next NPS surveys will be going out in April, so be sure to check your email and give us a score!”