Panko Corporation and WonAndOne are happy to continue their collaboration with Atria


Recently, our esteemed Korean customers from Panko Corporation and WonAndOne visited the Atria headquarters in Finland. Find out what they had to say about the continued collaboration. 


Panko Corporation appreciates the long partnership 


Pan Korea has been Atria’s loyal customer for over 30 years. They primarily buy pork and chicken, which have both been well received by Panko’s customers, thanks to their high quality and great flavour. 


“A quality product represents love for customers. -- Atria is a long-time partner, -- with whom we can build a future.” 



– Dong-Eun, Lee, President, Panko Corporation 


Quality is the greatest mission at WonAndOne 


WonAndOne, founded in 1975, is a large restaurant chain in Korea. They have used Atria pork in their Bossam restaurants for over 20 years and are very pleased with the flavour and quality of the meats. 


“Atria shares our vision of top quality, and we have long shared a strategic partnership.”

– In Jae, Kim, CSO & CHO, WonAndOne