In a recent study*, 82% of the respondents say that it is important or very important that meat is antibiotic free. Surprisingly, the fact that the animal is raised without antibiotics is also connected to the flavour of the meat!


Consumers are worried about excessive antibiotic use


The consumers who took part in the study prefer their meat to be completely antibiotic-free. For 28% of the respondents, the most important thing is having no traces of antibiotics in the meat. About one fifth of the respondents were most worried about antibiotic resistance. 14% just don’t want to consume any unnecessary antibiotics themselves.


With the majority of the consumers preferring antibiotic-free meat it is clear that Atria is on the right track by raising chickens and pigs completely without antibiotics. There is a distinct need for antibiotic-free meat in the consumer market.


The secret to better-tasting and antibiotic-free meat is in the ethical treatment of animals


Many of Atria’s customers have mentioned that Atria’s antibiotic-free meat tastes better than regular meat. But is it really about being free from antibiotics or does the reason lie in what makes it possible for the meat to be antibiotic-free?


The reason why Atria’s contract farmers are able to raise the animals without antibiotics is in the ethical treatment of the animals. To put it plainly, the animals are so well taken care of that they do not get sick.


The animals are fed nutritious, locally-grown feed. Their living environment is optimized, and they get to act according to their instincts, which makes them stress-free. These aspects ensure the animals are healthy and do not need antibiotics.


And that’s the real reason why antibiotic-free meat also tastes better than regular meat.


(*Study about relevance of antibiotic-free meat to consumers, conducted in the autumn 2022 by Atria. n=1019)