Customers are always looking for something new, tasty, and delicious to eat. At the same time, you are always keeping an eye out for the latest local consumer trends. By adding Finnish Atria Pure Rare sustainable meats and cutlets to your product portfolio, you are both catering to your customers’ needs and keeping up with their demands for sustainability and quality.


The flavour of Atria’s Finnish meat is consistently pure and distinguishable


Why should you add Atria Pure Rare meats to your product portfolio? What makes it so different from other producers? Flavour is one of the biggest differences. The animals live a stress-free life, which is a key element. Clean water and clean, controlled feed also contribute a great deal.


“Many of our customers have noticed that our chicken does not taste like fish, which is apparently a common issue internationally. Our feed is locally sourced and high quality, which prevents faulty flavours,” explains Katja Koliini, Atria’s Category Specialist in charge of exports.


Atria also knows your market, and what kind of seasoning or marinade sells.


“Our bestsellers are natural, basic flavours. Our meat products are of such high quality and taste so good as they are that we don’t need to hide them under copious amounts of seasoning,” Koliini states.


By choosing Atria, you are providing your consumers with premium cold cuts, sausages, and meats at a reasonable price.


Atria’s hormone and antibiotic-free chicken and pork cold cuts stand out from bulk meat


Atria meat always comes from Finnish family farms, and Atria controls the whole production chain from start to finish. The path of the meat is fully traceable, and special attention has been paid to sustainable meat production.


“We know where our meat comes from. We know what the animal has been fed, and we know how the animals have been treated. Our chickens have not been given any antibiotics, and we can also produce pork meat without antibiotics. This traceability is what makes our meat stand out from bulk meat,” Koliini says.


The animals are never given any growth hormones or preventive antibiotics. Chicken production is already completely antibiotic-free, which means they are grown entirely without antibiotics. The same principles are applied to a growing part  of pork production as well. These animals live a healthy life.


Atria can help you develop your portfolio and market new products


Atria’s seasoned veterans know how to develop new products and they know the needs of your customers as well. Quality is key in production and Atria will consistently deliver on that front.


To help you market these tasty products, Atria can deliver point-of-sale materials and help you set up sampling sessions at your stores.


“If I had to give one pro-tip to our customers, it’s to maximize the visibility of the products by providing a few choices in the same product family. One single product can easily go unnoticed, but when there are a few more with the same, distinguishable packaging, they catch the consumers’ eye better”, says Koliini.


Creating your own, private label products is also a possibility. Our experts can help you customise products and even whole product lines if necessary.