At Atria, we know exactly what a great sausage should taste and look like. But how do we make it happen, consistently, thousands of times a day? Our experts let you in on the secrets!


Ingredients are important, but rigorous quality control ensures consistency


A great sausage tastes and looks good, with a firm texture and even colour. The ingredients are, of course, very important. When tasty, high-quality meat is combined with just the right spices and flavours, you get a delicious sausage.


“What many people might overlook is that the actual sausage-making process also needs to be as high-quality as the ingredients,” says Supervisor Marko Korpela from Atria.

Cleanliness and impeccable hygiene are essential parts of the work environment. The in-house laboratory takes samples and tests daily, and local health officials also audit the premises regularly.

And then there’s product quality control.

“The supervisors sample products every single day to ensure consistency in quality and flavour. Usually, two or three people are doing the sampling to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed,” says Korpela.

If inconsistencies are found, research and development also sample the product. Then the whole team investigates what needs to be fixed.


A panel of testers finalise the new flavours

Every year, Atria launches at least three new sausage flavours, one or two for each season. But who decides what the new flavours are?

“It all starts from what the consumers want,” says Product Development Manager Kaisa Koivulahti from Atria.

Atria R&D has eyes and ears all over the world researching the latest trends and flavours that the consumers are looking for.

“First, we start with the ideas we’ve gathered, test them, and move forward with the most promising ones. Then those flavours go through extensive consumer research before we launch them to the public,” Koivulahti explains.

It all boils down to this:

  • High-quality ingredients and carefully thought-out and tested flavours.
  • Meticulously clean and hygienic environment.
  • Strict quality control and taste testing.