Leading the food industry towards a more sustainable future


Food industry is in experiencing an era of massive change, with sustainability as the leading transformative idea behind it. At Atria, sustainability has been at the forefront of development for years already and we are more than happy to share with you how we ensure that our meat products are among the most sustainable in the world.


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Atria’s openness and transparency stem from ethical, traceable, and sustainable production


Traceability is a key factor in making meat safe and sustainable. Atria monitors the entire supply chain from the local fields where feed is grown to the family farms where the animals are raised, all the way through to logistics. When we know where and how our meat has been produced, we know that the animals have been well cared for and fed only clean and nutritious food.


Because of the traceability and close cooperation with the farms, we can accurately calculate the carbon footprint of our pork and poultry production, which is around 50% lower than the international average provided by FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations).


Trust and partnership are built with decades of collaboration with Finnish family farms


All of our meat comes from our trusted partners of Finnish family farms. Atria has partnered with thousands of producers all over Finland for decades. Even though all the farms are different, we can ensure the consistency of the end products by working closely with the farmers, implementing specific methods and feeding solutions.


Hormones and antibiotics are used only on rare occasions – with good care, our animals grow up healthy. Finnish chicken is always antibiotic-free and most of Atria’s pork is also grown without antibiotics. The transparency that comes from a trusted partnership ensures that all parties know how to raise animals according to the tested, antibiotic-free methods.


Sustainability and technology are leading the transformation of the food industry


Sustainability is leading change in many industries, including the food industry. Carbon footprint calculations are pretty much standard in our field. Atria has also committed to several international climate initiatives and recommendations, such as the UN Global Compact initiative and the Science Based Targets climate initiative (SBTi). Atria’s target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (from the 2020 levels) includes a 42% reduction in scopes 1 and 2 and in scope 3 a 20% reduction is planned per tonne of meat processed.


Another hot topic in all industries is artificial intelligence (AI), which can also be used to streamline production even in the food industry. We use AI and machine learning to help us plan product demand more accurately, which leads to reduced waste, thus contributing to our sustainability goals as well.








  • With or without skin
  • Pork, chicken or mixed
  • Carrot frankfurters with 20 % carrot



  • Pork, chicken or mixed
  • Variety of flavours from garlic to blue cheese and hot chili.
  • Traditional sausage or sausage “steak”.
  • Meat content variation 44–77 %


Carved pork and chicken slices

  • 100% chicken fillet
  • 100% pork roast 


Bacon and chicken bacon

  • Antibiotic-free traditional bacon
  • Antibiotic-free Atria specialty – chicken bacon


Quick and Tender!

Quick & Tender products are chicken, pork, and beef meat products, that are fried on cast iron. They are perfect, for example, on salads, wraps, sandwiches, soups, or sauces. And of course, to be eaten on their own.

Meat content varies between 94–97%.

Taste varieties

  • Chicken: Mild seasoned, Kebab and Tex Mex
  • Pork: Mild pepper
  • Beef: Kebab